If you’d love to use Facebook to reach more of the people who most need your expertise, and you don’t want to spend a ton of time or money doing it, THIS is for you… 

At Last: Proven Strategies for Building Your Facebook Presence, Attracting Hot Prospects, and Increasing Your Engagement with Them - Without Spending Thousands on Ads
or Hours of Your Precious Time

I'm Alina Vincent, creator of the best-selling program Facebook Traffic Explosion, and I’m about to share with you my secret for attracting more traffic, more followers and more sales on Facebook without investing in Facebook Ads...


According to Statistic Brain, there are currently 1,310,000,000 active Facebook Users.
And you know, based on that number, that this platform gives you an opportunity to reach more of those who need you most. Your potential ideal clients are right there, hanging out on Facebook!
Maybe you’ve spent countless hours trying to find them. If you’ve had any luck doing so, maybe you’ve since realized you’re not sure how to really engage them.
Or maybe you’ve spent hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars on Facebook Ads, only to get lukewarm results.
You’re starting to wonder if you’re just sending message out into a big black void – that no real person ever even sees!
If this is resonating, stick with me…
Do any of the following sound familiar?


  • You’re frustrated - your business isn't getting the attention, recognition, and profits you know it should (after all, you really ARE great at what you do!)
  • You want to increase your exposure and your reach, to attract hot prospects who can’t wait to work with you
  • You long to stand out among the thousands of businesses on Facebook as THE expert in your field, but your message seems to be getting lost
  • You’re tired of wasting your time attending hyped-up trainings to “learn how to profit from Facebook” that never live up to their promise.
  • You’ve tried working with a Social Media Consultant only to discover they’re more interested in creating something “pretty” than a powerful, client-attracting, money-making campaign
  • You don’t know how to increase your FB engagement, either, when you do find the “right” connections

If any of these sound familiar, you’re in the right place and I’ve got GREAT news for you!
It’s not your fault your current Facebook efforts are not producing the results you’re looking for.
If you’re anything like me – and the wonderful entrepreneurs I get to work with every day – you’re kind of “shooting in the dark” when it comes to using Facebook as a platform to increase your business.
There is no one guide you can turn to that explains it all. No trusted resource your colleagues have used and recommended…
Until now.

                   You CAN Easily Create a Facebook Fan Page
  That Brings in Tons of Hot Prospects… and Even Better – You Can
  Engage Them in a Way That Has Them Lining Up to Work with You!


"I feel so empowered"

"Before I participated in Facebook Traffic Explosion program, Facebook for my business was hit or miss.
In this program I learned how to use over a dozen apps to create and design my own content posts.

I learned how to engage my audience and get them talking to me and each other...  My ‘LIKES’ rose from 267 to 900+ (and still growing). This led to an average of 10 to 15 new subscribers a week to my website. I converted 20 moms to my group coaching program by using FB to invite them to my webinars.

I now have a marketing calendar and my posts are preloaded and ready to go - my business is on autopilot even when I travel.

Thank you Alina- I feel so empowered that I can create and implement my own FB strategic plan."

Susan P. Epstein, LCSW, Certified Health Coach

"I’ve taken numerous Facebook programs before and none of them delivered in such an easy to understand and apply manner."

“Alina's FTE program was so clear and concise! She gave the information is short, edible bites, so easy to consume and create unique posts and fan participation. In the short time of  weeks I doubled the number of likes on my Fan page! 

I’ve taken numerous Facebook programs before and none of them delivered in such an easy to understand and apply manner.

I would recommend anyone take Alina’s course, novice to advanced, because her background of photography lends such a unique and fun way to Facebook marketing. There are so many pieces of her training I’ve implemented, which has both saved me time and money.

Thank you for sharing your valuable strategies Alina! You’re the best!"

Sandi Jacobs, Life with Zest

I’m Alina Vincent, CEO and founder of Business Success Edge.
And I GET IT - you want a thriving business serving tons of people, making as much money as you want… but you don’t want to be chained to your computer for 8, 10, 12 or more hours a day!
You want to reach the people who are desperately looking for you – and you want to do it in a way that is easy, inexpensive, and fun!
You want a dream business, and a dream life.
You can have it.
My Story:
In 2011, I was working at the university. I’d been there for close to 16 years – mostly teaching physics, computer science, and technology. But I wasn’t happy. I felt “boxed in” … I didn’t have the flexibility and options I longed for.
So I decided to quit my job and start a business – a photography business. It had always been my hobby, so I thought it made perfect sense. I started from scratch – and although I knew a lot about photography, I knew zero about marketing!
In academia, I would just teach – and people would come to me when they needed me. But in business, I needed to be able to tell people I was there, just waiting to support them. And that comes down to marketing and promoting.
So, naturally, I created my social media profiles.
Just like you, I didn’t know what I was doing at first. But that changed as I learned more and more, and my expertise in using Facebook grew.
Throughout this learning process, I discovered that there is ONE SINGLE SIMPLE STRATEGY that will drastically enhance a person’s market reach, and that is more than proven – it’s established. I've used it myself to generate over $30,000 in new clients and customers in the last 6 months alone!
And I’ve helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs just like you drastically enhance their market reach, using the same simple strategy.
In fact, before I knew it, people in my networking groups began spreading the word about me, saying, “If you have any questions about social media, ask Alina! She knows a LOT and I see her everywhere!”
I realized then that the exposure I was suddenly enjoying wasn’t necessarily “normal” – it wasn’t what most businesses were experiencing. What I had accomplished on social media in just one year was more than some had in 2, 3, or 5 years.
I was onto something big!
I was doing something different – and it was definitely working. But what’s even more exciting is that what I was doing is not only teachable, but it also stays current – the strategies are not obsolete or subject to change based on Facebook’s ongoing updates and changes!
What is this simple strategy to drastically increase your market reach?

80% of content on the Internet is shared. So creating original content immediately helps you stand out, while creating a buzz around your business. And guess what? Creating content people want to share is the equivalent of free advertisement for your business, products, or services!
I’ve spent years learning, creating, and perfecting visual content strategies for my own photography and visual marketing businesses, which is how I know that…

You Absolutely Can Increase Your Reach on Facebook – Without Spending a Penny – in a Way That Grabs Your Prospect’s Attention and Gets Them to Take Action!

I’ll show you how....

"Thank you, Alina, for helping me touch thousands of women and see my business explode."

"When I joined Alina’s FACEBOOK TRAFFIC EXPLOSION PROGRAM, I already had a Facebook business page. But my posts were only reaching a small audience. I was disappointed and wondered if I should get off Facebook. In the first week, I discovered 3 things that increased my reach (unbelievably) by over 1,000%.

Alina has a great model on how to keep Facebook fans engaged. She showed me how to create a strong community and gave me easy-to-use tools to complete the daily challenges. Thank you, Alina, for helping me touch thousands of women and see my business explode."

Lee S. Irwin, Fountain of You Expert


Building a Facebook business page
 that acts like a magnet to your ideal prospects, and that’s easy to manage

Getting clear on exactly what speaks to your clients, and
what chases them away 

Learning strategies for getting more likes, shares,
and comments
 than ever before 

Going from "not knowing what to post" to the "post expert" 
whose contributions are consistently shared 

Having a daily strategy for creating
"instant credibility" posts 

Showcasing yourself and your business 
without ever feeling "salesy" 

And much more!


Facebook Traffic Explosion

A 12-Month Online Academy

If you’re ready to finally get smart business strategies, expert status, and all the clients you want from the biggest platform in the world, this program is for you!
I've carefully designed it to give you everything you need to create, build, and profit from your Facebook business page.

The core of this program is a 7-week intensive – and you get so much more! I also provide you with ongoing support for an ENTIRE year in the form of group coaching calls, an exclusive Mastermind, and more. 

The 7-Week Intensive:

You'll receive 21 in-depth lessons delivered straight  to your inbox (one every few days) designed to walk you through the process of creating juicy, original content to post to your Facebook community.  
You’ll learn:

  The #1 way your fans like to consume complex information – and  how to deliver it to them. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a bunch of wordy articles!)

✔  How to create posts your fans just can’t ignore! Learn how to foster deeper connection with your followers, by sharing content that invites interaction.

✔  The importance of using video in your Facebook efforts, and 4 keys to creating them in a way that engages your followers, gets your point across, and gets people sharing! (Absolutely hate being in front of the camera? It’s ok - these keys don’t require your actual presence in the video!)

✔  The right way to use quotes. Everybody loves sharing quotes, right? But when you learn how to choose the perfect quote, your fans will be lining up to share it – which equals exposure for you and your biz!

✔  How to interject more of yourself into your page. Your clients want to connect with a person – not a faceless entity. But that doesn’t mean posting endless pictures of your dinner, or cat! There’s a right way to do it, and that’s what we cover here.

✔  Strategies for showcasing your products, services, or customers in a way that makes your fans want to buy. (It’s not about being salesy, but you can’t make money without selling – here, you learn how to do it right!)

✔  A simple method for delivering the social proof your fans are secretly craving. (It’s ridiculously easy, yet most Facebook pages fail to do it – and therefore fail to set themselves apart from the rest.) How to get your prospects engaged. This particular strategy will have your fans lining up to get involved … with you AND your page. A proven strategy that sets you up for massive Facebook success, while engaging your fans AND gaining valuable market research (yes! All at the same time!). And SO MUCH more.


Plus, because I want to give you every opportunity to ask questions and get them answered, you get tons of additional support along the way!

As we all know, Facebook changes its “rules” often. But don’t worry! I’ll keep you updated on cutting-edge tools and techniques. You’ll also get updates on any Facebook policy changes concerning business owners and social media, and how to keep your business in the spotlight despite the changes, thought the year.

"This program is all about immediate action and results"

"This program was full of real life teaching moments that I was able to immediately put to use. 

I was stunned at how quickly I got response and engagement from my community. I did not understand that FB was that powerful, to be honest.

This program is all about immediate action and results."

Caroline Moassessi, Chief Foodie and Blogger at Gratefulfoodie

Right now, you may be thinking, “Alina, this sounds like just what I need! But it also sounds like a LOT of information! How are we going to cover all this, and what kind of support can I expect to receive?”
Fantastic question!
First, I want you to know I’m completely committed to helping you create a Facebook presence that attracts your ideal clients – and that doesn’t cost you a ton of time or money to build and maintain!
So here’s how we’re going to cover all of this, together.
When you enroll in Facebook Traffic Explosion, you receive:

1. A 7-Week, 21-Part “Intensive”

This will get you started, fast! It’s designed to walk you through everything you need to create content your prospects can’t wait to like, share, and comment on, which increases your engagement and brings warm leads right to your door. You will get in-depth videos breaking down my 21 Instant Facebook Traffic Drivers for a never-ending supply of ideas for attention-grabbing, traffic-driving posts.

2: Alina's Personal Design Rolodex

Get your hands on the exact tools, mobile apps, and design applications I use in my own business to create irresistible content. And here’s something to really get excited about: most of these tools are free or under $5!

3. Exclusive FTE Facebook Mastermind Group
Get business and marketing feedback, support, insights and input from me AND other members on your content through the FTE Mastermind Group for an entire year! You’ll have exclusive access to the FTE Mastermind Group on Facebook to network with like-minded business owners, exchange ideas, build potential JV partnerships, share victories, ask questions, and more!

4. Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Each month, we’ll come together for a 90-min group call where you have the opportunity to ask me any of your questions about growing your business with Facebook, and get my answers live.

5. Monthly Business Growth Challenges
Once you start getting great engagement on your Facebook page, you need to know how to translate that into generating more clients for your business. These monthly challenges will help you skyrocket your business to the next level. They’re designed to amplify the momentum you’ll gain from the previous challenges included in the Intensive. No more feeling stuck! You’ll stay on track, and accountable, and your business will continue moving steadily forward as you complete these additional challenges.

6. Expert Interviews

I’ve hand-picked industry experts to provide you with their own insights into additional ways to leverage Facebook to attract high-paying clients.

Plus, when you enroll in Facebook Traffic Explosion, you’ll also receive these awesome bonuses:
#1: QuickStart Facebook Fan Page
Get the fastest & easiest system for setting up your Facebook business page -- grab attention and make your audience take action! Get your professional Facebook fan page up in minutes and start attracting business immediately.
Value = $200
#2: Facebook Ads Start-Up Kit
Once you have your client-attracting content, you’ll want to spread the word to even more potential clients... stay one step ahead of the game with my comprehensive guide to getting started with Facebook Ads.
Value = $300
#3: *NEW* 30-day Video Challenge
Video on Facebook is HOT! If you’ve never created video content before, this challenge will show you how to easily get started using the equipment you already have, and easily edit it and upload it to Facebook. Plus, you can practice in a safe and supportive environment until you are ready to reveal your videos to the world.
Value = $1,000
#4: *NEW* Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups
Complete guide to successfuly using Facebook Groups to grow your business. Learn how to take full advantage of this FREE Facebook feature to participate in groups AND create your own community, grow your following, increase your influence, become more visible and position yourself as an expert, so you can attract just the right paying clients.
Value = $1,000

That’s Over $2,500 in Bonuses Alone!

In Short, You’ll Learn Absolutely Everything You Need to Go from Facebook Newbie to Expert – While Attracting Clients Who Can’t Wait to Work with You!

"I use the tools she gave us
every day"

Prior to signing up for Alina’s Facebook Traffic Explosion I was getting about 6~9 views a day. During and after following her program I saw my posts go from under 10 to an average of 65 a day. And while that may not sound impressive at first, given that it is 6 times more, I was impressed and pleased. When I followed one suggestion in particular it got seen over 800 times!

I was amazed. Alina made it easy to follow with video tutorials and explanations. She also made herself accessible for questions throughout. Taking this class and interacting with her boosted my confidence enormously. I got a lot more than I paid for, and I definitely recommend it to anyone, especially those facing challenges with FB or those that have limited knowledge. I use the tools she gave us every day."

Pauline Lamoya, Juice Plus

By now, you’re probably thinking, “This is fantastic, Alina! This is just what I’ve been searching for to finally make Facebook make sense – and I can’t wait to increase my page’s engagement. So what’s the investment?”
Let me ask you this:
How much time and money have you already invested into your product or service – to make it the best it can be? And how much have you invested in your current Facebook efforts – only to be disappointed by the results?
How frustrated are you RIGHT NOW because you’re not reaching the people you know you’re meant to help?
Now, imagine how it would feel to easily have prospects coming to you, ready to engage and ready to buy, all because they saw you on Facebook!
Before I get into numbers, I want you to think about the cost of NOT enrolling in the Facebook Traffic Explosion:
- Will continue to waste hours every day on Facebook trying to reach your ideal prospects
- Spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on ads that don’t bring a return on your investment
- Will let your Facebook page stay stagnant – without the regularly updated content that Facebook loves to show in newsfeeds
- Continue to “guess” at what will work, effectively spinning your wheels…  

Right now, I’m offering this business-transforming program for $1997 $997.
That doesn’t seem like very much to have Facebook become a consistent source of quality, low-cost leads, does it?

So are you ready?
Are you ready to make Facebook the most powerful marketing tool in your toolbox? To have clients seek you out – after seeing you on Facebook?


☑ Yes, Alina! I’m ready to turn my Facebook fan page into a source of never-ending prospects – and to do it easily and effectively!
I understand that for my investment of $997, I receive:

☑ 7-Week Facebook Intensive
☑ Alina's Personal Design Rolodex
☑ Year-Long Exclusive Access to a Private FTE Mastermind Facebook Group
☑ 12 Monthly Group Coaching Calls
☑ Monthly Business Growth Challenges
Recorded Expert Interviews  

Valued at $10,000+

And ALL of these amazing bonuses:

☑ Quick Start Facebook Fan Page ($200 value)
☑ Facebook Ads Start-up Kit ($300 value)
☑ 30-day Video Challenge ($1,000 value)
Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups Guide ($1,000 value)

           Total Package Value of over $12,500

                                                Today's investement:

       One-time payment of $997  
​     12 monthly payments of $99


No-Risk, Unconditional, Money-Back Guarantee

I am so convinced you will learn how to create great visual content for your social media page, increase your follower engagement and activity, and create success for yourself, that if after the first month you decide that it isn't for you - I will refund all of your money! No questions asked.

P.S. When you follow the teachings, you’ll get more likes, more comments, more shares, more engagement, and most importantly… More leads!
Move your business forward every day by spending just a few minutes with your content strategy!

To Your Facebook Success!

Alina Vincent

Maybe you still have a few questions.
I’ve included below some of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help decide whether Facebook Traffic Explosion
is a match for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t have a Facebook page. If I’m starting from zero (or a very small page) will this still work for me?

A: Facebook is THE largest online platform – so if you’re not there, you’re leaving money on the table. Now is the perfect time to get started and get your message in front of the right people!

Q: I’ve tried Facebook in the past. I spent time and money – and it didn’t work. How is this different?

A: I know how frustrating it can be to not get the results you’re looking for! But in Facebook Traffic Explosion, you’ll become clear about - and focused on - your social media strategy. You’ll know what you’ll be posting EVERY DAY – a month ahead. And everything will be targeted to grow your business! Everything you do on Facebook will result in more connections, more clients, and more money.

Q: I’m struggling to make money in my business right now. How can I justify this investment?

A: If you’re struggling to make money, it’s because you’re not reaching the right prospects, with the right message, on the right budget. In the Facebook Traffic Explosion, I’ll show you step-by-step how to increase your reach without spending a dime on ads. What is a never-ending supply of new clients and connections worth to you?

Q: I’m really busy. How can I work this into my schedule so I don’t lose my mind?

A: Are you too busy working in your business to work on it? How much of that “busyness” is just chasing after clients? This program is designed to be easily implemented after you learn the strategies and steps for achieving FB success.  If you follow along, you won’t be spending hours on Facebook without generating results. You’ll be able to quickly post client-grabbing visual content, and then get back to your business… as it grows!

                         Let’s make Facebook work for you!